We live and work amidst stories – stories from our own lives and stories we hear from our patients. We often don’t get time to stop and FIND MEANING in these stories. This event allows us to pause, reflect, listen to meaningful stories, and connect through our shared experiences. 

WashU medical students, residents, fellows, and faculty submit stories or visual artwork for this unique event. Selected participants present their stories on stage or through visual art at the event.

2024 Selected storytellers:
Sajal Tiwary, Christopher Noda, Lorien Carter, Monica Lim, Emily Podany, Naazia Azhar, Imran Nizamuddin, Shourik Dutta, Katherine Holzem and Lisa Gong.

2024 Selected artists:
Susrutha Puthanmadhom Narayanan, Nimansha Jain, Veronica Guerra and Abigail Bell.

It’s not too early to prepare for next year’s event to tell your story. Submissions for the 2025 event will be open later this year.