A storytelling series at the School of Medicine

from Bernard Becker Medical Library and the Office of Education

WashU medical students, residents, fellows, and faculty come together to partake in an evening of complimentary food, drink and fellowship at the annual “In Our Words” event to hear stories of personal growth, insight, wisdom and vulnerability from their peers. This is a unique social gathering to connect with fellow attendees and appreciate our various experiences.

In our Words: Finding Meaning

Thank you to all who attended this special event of connection and finding meaning through the diverse experiences that unite us as a community. On April 10, 2024, from 6-10 p.m., at the Third Degree Glass Factory, we heard personal stories from Sajal Tiwary, Christopher Noda, Lorien Carter, Monica Lim, Emily Podany, Naazia Azhar, Imran Nizamuddin, Shourik Dutta, Katherine Holzem and Lisa GongSusrutha Puthanmadhom Narayanan, Nimansha Jain and Veronica Guerra created visual artwork. These selected participants shared their stories onstage or through visual art.

If you missed this year’s event, check out a few of the event photos:

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Stay tuned for details about next year’s event.